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Lessons and Idea from "Mimio Connect" and the Sign-Up is FREE
Lessons from smartexchange.com (sign-up is free) MOST lessons will work with Mimio
NCCS group for sharing Mimio files (waiting for approval from Mimio).
Additional Sites:
Using HELP to check for updates and then check here for further troubleshooting.
Free Mimio Training Sessions (Free Sign-Up Required)
Mimio Training On-Demand
Content Packs
Join a Mimio Group
*Show how to add items to the gallery (example random name generator)
*Show how to add interactive voice (example Voki)
Mimio Ideas.ink
Mimio Ideas.ink
Mimio Ideas.ink

If you weren't able to attend the session, I've included most of the information on this page. If you download, the Mimio Ideas.ink file, You can drag pages you like into new Mimio files!